Different emergence of the worldclass most premium off road electric scooter DUALTRON 2

With upgraded new power train system improved suspension technology is added to the slim and elegant traditional Dualtron design that had a high satisfaction.

- The flagship model of Minimotors integrated all technology for 18years.
- All terrain/off road design by Minimotors in Korea, manufactured in Minimotors factory.
- Aluminum alloys forging 6063-T6 materials for main and handle frame.
- The new dual power system which is continued from the world first dual driving system that Minimotors developed is equipped.
- High acceleration and gradeability is realized (Motor max output 3,600W, Max speed 65km/h, Gradeability 47%)
- Front and rear high density, high impact PU integrated suspension system with forged alloy swing arms and large ground clearance. (Patented)
- Two touch dual folding made a robust body with easy folding. (Patent pending)
- Motocross style handlebars.
- High capacity and performance Li-Ion Battery pack for a long distance.
- Four selectable battery type (MX, EX, EX+, LTD)
- Fast & Perfect brake with dual braking system (high force brake and electric brake)
- Electric brake power can be adjusted and can be turned on and off. Auto recovery charging function.
- Easy repair wheel design for disassembly to replace tire and tube easily.
- Main power switch helps to select a battery between main battery and auxiliary battery.
- Auxiliary battery can be connected (Optional)
- Quick charging kit rechargeable in only 3 hours (Optional)
- Removable seat Kit (Optional)
- Natural rubber handle grip only for Dualtron is a default option and safety is enhanced.
- To prevent any dirt or mud hitting the rider a long rear fender is fitted as a default option.
- Luxury matte painting and wiring and finishing enhancing maturity.

Upgrade Point

Continued from the 2016 Dualtron that has 52V Max 2,700W dual system which made the world market surprised, 2017 Dualtron2 has more powerful 60V Max 3,600W BLDC Dual Hub motor with a new power train system and it provides improved torque and speed.

Dualtron had 1,450Wh battery capacity (EX+) and it was possible to travel around 110km at ECO mode. And Dualtron2 has 1,657Wh (LTD) of the battery which makes it can travel around 120km and it helps longer and better riding.

For the faster charging, there is one more charging port and there is a port to connect auxiliary battery (will be launched) and it can help the comfortable riding for the users who enjoys long distance riding.

Dualtron2 is designed to be able to turn on/off the main battery with a main switch under the deck and it is helpful for preventing stolen and efficiency battery using. In addition, it is possible to select auxiliary battery.

To add a stability and better safety, perfect and quick braking is possible on slippery and rough terrain with high brake force physical and electric dual brake system. Electric brake works when physical brake works if it is set from throttle setting.

Two touch folding part is default option for Dualtron2 and it supports strong body for better riding stability on uneven surfaces and lower fatigue. And it is designed for easy and stable folding.

For the safe riding at dusk or night, there are bright headlight and taillight as a default option. Especially, taillight works as a brake light when brake works and it helps to keep the safe distance between the cars and it is more safety to ride at night.

There are engraved Dualtron2 logos on the rear swing arm to check its name easily and long rear fender installed prevent soil or dust and it is helpful to keep the clean product.

To raises the pride of the Dualtron2 user brand name is visualized on the product and it is easy to find the product name on Dualtron2 and especially, the detail model name following battery capacity is engraved on the deck and easy to distinguish.

There are engraved detail model initials on the deck to distinguish easily and Limited type’s deck is 6cm longer and it is more stable and easy to have better stance.

If the throttle setting P0 sets to 9, it would be almost similar to the GPS speed and provide more exact riding information.

The electric brake can charge max 15A as it has powerful charging function. Even though it is charged as 15A, it doesn’t effect to the battery and controller and it helps efficient energy management.
Dualtron2 is fitted with integrated electric motor braking as well as 2 mechanical disk brakes, this system assists the rider when braking on slippery or sandy surfaces and prevents the mechanical brakes from locking.

The handle grip of the Dualtron2 does an importance role to keep the stable stance. It is only for Dualtron2 and hands are not slipped as it is made of natural rubber. It provides better grip between the rider and scooter, reduces perspiration. and it doesn’t tear easily even though Dualtron2 falls to the side.

Dualtron2 has light switch to turn on and off headlight and taillight easily and achieved tidy finishing with hidden wiring. With a matte all black painting, the tradition color of Dualtron2 looks much luxurious.


Name DUALTRON Remark
Motor Max 3,600W BLDC DUAL HUB MOTOR Li-ion battery(Samsung or LG or PANASONIC high discharging cell)
Battery type MX EX EX+ LTD LI-ION battery
Battery capacity 1077Wh 1202Wh 1450Wh 1657Wh 60V, 18A / 20A / 24.5A / 28A
Weight Around 28kg Around 28kg Around 28kg Around 30kg
Charging Time(2A) 8hr+ 9hr+ 10hr+ 12hr+ When using default charger(2A)
Charging Time(4A) 5hr+ 6hr+ 7hr+ 9hr+ When using 2EA of default charger(2A)
Charging Time(6.5A) 2.8hr+ 3.3hr+ 3.7hr+ 4.3hr+ When using quick charger(6.5A)(Optional)
* Depending on the battery condition
Max speed(Sin) Around 50km/h 75kg, 67.2V max charging continuous riding basis
*Max distance can be shorter due to the riding terrain
Throttle has 3step speed adjust function, Handle bar has eco, turbo 2step adjust button. (Motors Single, Dual mode & ECO, Turbo)
Max speed(Du) Around 65km/h
Distance (ECO) Around 70~90km Around 80~100km Around 90~110km Around 100~120km
Gradability Around 47% Weight, load condition, battery status, temperature can affect to the gradeability
Max load 120kg
Folding Handle post two touch double folding Patent pending
Unfolded size 1125(LTD 1185) x 600 x 1200mm Length x width x height Deck width 240mm
Folded size 1125(LTD 1185) x 600 x 505mm Length x width x height Handle width 600mm
Dashboard Multi function smart LCD throttle (Index finger) Remained battery, TRIP, ODO, Time, Speed, and Voltage is displaying. Cruise mode can be selected. Electric brake power can be adjusted and turn on/off The speed will be almost same as GPS speed if the P0 is set to 9
Light Dual LED headlight & taillight, brake light DC to DC converter is built in(12V 3A output)
Suspension Dual full high clearance suspension system, with high density PU return and forged alloy swing arms. Patented
Brake Dual disk brake and electric brake (Two functions work together when brake lever works)
Tire 10inch(10x2.5) 4PR wide tire Tire width 6.5cm
Material Frame and handle : Aviation aluminum forging alloy, 6082-T6, Shafts : SCM440, Covers : Polypropylene
Patent application

* The specification can be changed by manufacturer to meet the requirements and law of different countries or region
* The distance on the specification is 75kg load, 20km/h constant speed riding basis and the driving distance can be shortened by the riding terrain and the driving way of user.
* The distance can be affected by loaded weight, wind direct (wind speed), riding surface density, slope and tire condition.