Speedway3 is one of the best selling model of Minimotors. Speedway3 provides high speed and powerful torque with BLDC 52V 600W motor and 52V 21Ah~26Ah battery. And the specific aluminum alloys forging processed fork and hydraulic front suspension provide good riding comfort. For easy folding and unfolding, the one touch slide folding is applied and it is easy to load on the car trunk or starage. The 10inch wide tire and wheel is easy to disassemble and it is very convenience for self maintenence and easy to repair when it has flat tire.

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Speedway III by Minimotors

01. For speed mania and Even beginner considering safety Easy to learn and ride.

Everybody who has experience of riding a kick scooter is able to enjoy the Speedway3 without training. It contains smart function which provide both slow start for beginners and quick start for manias. Fron now on, choose the speed as user want! With Speedway3 which lead you to the destination comfortably with motor power, every day will be happier.

Speedway III by Minimotors

02. Going to school, commute,shopping, Picnic, leisure,Enjoy lifestyle with Speedway3

Mobility for short distance as going to school,commute, shopping, for picnic, leisure on weekend, even though the purpose is different, you will be happy everywhere with Speedway3. Let’s enjoy driving with Speedway3.

Speedway III by Minimotors

03. Speedway3 can be the great form of transportation for connecting to the public transportation.

Even connect to a bus, a subway and a train or moving by a car, it’s convenient for a long distance as Speedway3 can be simply folded.

Speedway III by Minimotors

04. Speedway3 applied 52V Lithum battery and it can be charged anywhere if there is consent.

There is 52V Lithium polymer battery is applied for the Speedway3 and it has the best output power in the medium size electric scooter. It is convenient product which can be charged anywhere if there is consent. As it consumes just a few electricity, it provides new lifestyle from green energy incomparable with the car which needs to pay tax and the cost for maintenance.

Speedway III by Minimotors

05. Meet the Speedway3 applied BLDC 52V 600W hub motor(MAX 1500W).

With the hub BLDC 52V 600W hub motor(MAX 1500W).which is applied on the Speedway3 shows the best performance at speed, power,climbing ability among the medium size electric kick scooter.

Speedway III by Minimotors

06. Seat set for enjoying Speedway3 during standing and even seating.(Optional)

Speedway3 can be ridden with standing position for wide field of view and it is designed to be able to install a seat on it for the user who wants comfortable riding. Seat for Speedway3 reduce fatigue from long time riding as it provide driving comfort

Speedway III by Minimotors

07. Max speed 45km/h Max distance 85km High brake forced dual brake Farther, faster, safer

There are Extreme & Extreme plus model for Speedway3. Riding much more distance and faster riding is possible with the 52V 21Ah(1088Wh) for the Extreme model and 52V 26Ah(1346Wh) battery for the Extreme plus model of Speedway3. In addition, The high brake forced dual brake is applied to deal with all the situation can be occurred while riding.

Speedway III by Minimotors

08. Specific aluminum alloys forging processed fork and hydraulic front suspension provide comfortable riding comfort. Speedway3

Speedway3 applied a fork produced with specific aluminum alloys forging process and improved its durability and provide safety riding comfort. And it provides comfort and stable riding comfort with applied hydraulic front suspension.

Speedway III by Minimotors

09. Smart dashboard is applied which can be controlled with one button during riding

Speedway3 applied LCD dashboard which has good visibility even if you ride under a midday sun. Dashboard will be ready after turn the power the dashboard on after get on. It is possible to control the 3 steps of speed mode change, and indicate battery, speed, riding information easily with one button.

Speedway III by Minimotors

Tip 01. How to use smart dashboard of Speedway3

The function of the Speedway3’s dashboard is as below. 1. When you click power button, you can change speed mode ? L1,L2,L3 2. With clicking mode button, you can check time, trip mode, distance, number of charging. 3. 5steps remains checking + Battery voltage checking function with mode button 4. With clicking two buttons at the same time, P4-Km/h(0), mile(1) 5. With clicking two buttons at the same time, P5-Acceleration start(0), Kick and start(1) 6. Cruise mode selection function: With clicking two buttons at the same time, P6-Auto driving off(0), Auto driving on(1) 7. Select start speed function: With clicking two buttons at the same time, P6-Auto driving off(0), Auto driving on(1) * If you change the default setting P0(10), P1(42.5), P2(10), it will not indicates precious information. * At the low speed(L1) mode, slow start function is not operated even though you change the start speed selection function(P7).

* Please note! Check light button if the power doesn't working Speedway3 is designed disable to turn on if you turn off the power while the light is turning on. If you want to turn on the power, press power button after turn off the light button. (Short time burglarproof function)

Speedway III by Minimotors

Tip 02. Cruise control function of Speedway3

There is cruise control function on the Speedway3. This function lets your device to keep the speed when you keep the same speed for 7 seconds. When you use cruise function, it has advantage as reducing your fatigue and increasing fuel efficiency.

How to use cruise control function

1. Cruise mode will be set automatically when you keep the same speed 7 seconds. 2. The cruise mode will be released when you pull the throttle one more time or hold the brake.

Caution before using cruise function Always keep the position can use brake immediately to release the cruise function and decelerate to deal with a dangerous situation.

Speedway III by Minimotors

10. Handle one touch quick folding that anybody can fold and unfold Default handle bar one touch slide folding option

It’s easy to fold and unfold the handle part and it is very convenience when you move to other place or load on the car trunk. The most important thing is convenience of the users. It is mind of the people making Speedway.

* Please note! The connecting parts as a folding part and a handle part should be checked essentially!

Foldable electric scooters should be checked before riding for a safety riding. The bolt and nut on the scooter can be separated while riding and an accident can be occured. The check point is, 1. If there is any play on each part. 2. if there is any loosen part on the folding part or handle part and any fixed part. 3. If there is any worn or loosen part on the conneting parts. The points should be checked before riding and please visit the nearest repairing shop if it is difficult to do self maintenance.

Speedway III by Minimotors

11. Default 10inch wide tire and wheel repair system option for safety and easy maintenance.

Speedway3 has 10inch wide tube tire for default option and it improved brake force and driving comfort. There are 2pcs of wheel for rear tire applied can be easily disassembled and replaced when it has a flat tire and it helps much convenience selfmaintenance.

Speedway III by Minimotors

12. I and also my healing item can be loaded Max load 120kg

Speedway3 provide enough load weight to help I can bring my items that I would like be together.. It can be used safely in not exceeded max range when include backpack and various tuning accessories.

Speedway III by Minimotors

13. Handle can be adjusted between 1m30cm and 2m

Speedway3 handle can be adjusted to max 120cm with lever on handle bar and it helps convenience and stable driving without regarding height of user.

Speedway III by Minimotors

14. Default longer deck applied for stable driving comfort.

Speedway3 has wider and longer deck following increasing of average height. The length of deck is 115cm and width of deck is 24cm and it is the most wide and long deck among the all of the mid-size E-scooters and It helps stable driving comfort.

Speedway III by Minimotors

15. For the safety riding, Horn button & light button are default option

Speedway3 has default green color horn button to deal with emergency situation and red light button to secure wide degree of a visual field. Let's have a safety riding with speedway3.

Speedway III by Minimotors

16. Designed for better function, clean closing makes better looking of Speedway3

Speedway3 hired front hydraulic spring supension and the dirt cover of the Speedway3 is designed for preventing dirt and pollution. And there is a place for installing LED light wire easily and it makes the product clean and simple.

Speedway III by Minimotors

17. Always together wherever I go,Speedway3

It is smart second car which can be charged anywhere, easy to start with only one button, wherever can be together during commute, shopping and leisure. Speedway3 will make your life happier.

Speedway III by Minimotors

Speedway III by Minimotors


Name SpeedwayⅢ Note
Motor 52V 600W BLDC HUB Motor (Max 1500W)  
Model EXTREAM EXTREAM PLUS Li-Polymer Battery
Capacity 21Ah(1088Wh) 26Ah(1346Wh)  
Charging Time 9~10hr+ 11~12hr+ Standard
Weight 20.5kg 22kg Battery included
Range 75~85km 85~100km  
Speed 25km/h (L1), 35km/h (L2), 45km/h (L3) 60kg loaded
constant drive on flat road
Gradability Around 27%
Max load 120kg  
Folding One touch quick foldable Handle
and Handle bar
Size (unfold) 115 x 55 x 120cm L x W x H
Size (fold) 115 x 24 x 38cm

Multi-functional smart LCD display
(forefinger Throttle)

Auto Time-cut
3 Speed mode select
Battery Remains,TRIP,ODO,Time,Speed, Volt-Meter
Button LED headlight & Taillight
Electric Horn
Suspension Hydraulic Spring Suspension(front)  
Brake Dual disc brake with high brake force Front & Rear
Tire 10"(10x2.5) 4PR wide tube tire Tire width 6.5cm
Materials Aluminum alloys (frame & handle)  
ABS (cover)

* This specification can be changed by manufacturer without notice to improve the quality and safety for user.
* The drive speed and total drive range can be shortened by the drive environment and the drive way of user.