The existence itself will tell you everything. Everything is new.

Everything is changed except the name! The birth of 3rd Generation Dualtron

Upgrade Point

3-Steps of Adjustable Suspension System

The angle of the suspension arm can be adjusted in 3 steps to provide the best suspension angle and ride comfort for the user. (Patent pending)

Adjust the suspension arm angle

Height adjustable suspension base fitted It adjusts the height of the suspension in three steps (LOW, MID, and HIGH) according to the driving environment and the weight of the driver.

5 types of rubber cartridge replaceable design

All of the five rubber cartridges, including the built-in cartridges, adjust the rubber's elasticity so that you can easily replace the cartridge to your liking. * The higher level rubber cartridge hasstronger elasticity. (Available to applicate to both front and rear cartridges)

Easy Wheel System

The rim and hub motor can be completely separated, allowing replacement of broken parts without replacing the whole motor when the motor parts and rim are broken, thus improving the maintenance of the product.(Patent pending)

Wide tubeless On-Road Tire as Standard

The 70mm wide tubeless tires, which are applied to Dualtron3, provide superior ride comfort, driving feeling, high grip and convenient serviceability, which are the advantages of tubeless only, and can be easily repaired with a tire repair kit when the tire is damaged.

Improved Double Action Zoom Caliper (Dualtron III) as Standard

Dualtron 3 has improved braking performance by applying a double-acting zoom caliper (mechanical hydraulic brake)

Anti-Lock Brake System as Standard

All electric vehicles generate tire locks during sudden braking. As a result, the slip of the tire causes the occupant to lose weight and fall, causing accidents. This product is equipped with ABS brake function to eliminate the tire lock, enabling more secure braking ( (Patent pending number) : 10-2018-0045825 )

3rd Generation Dualtron Anti-Lock Brake System

In order to solve the problem that the wheels are locked by the strong electromagnetic braking force during the sudden braking, ABS provides intermittent product signals to help prevent tire lock, effectively enables short braking distance

LED illuminated Handle Post System Bottom Mood Lamp as Standard

By applying the LED light system to the handle bar and folding part and adding the mood lamp to the lower part, you can produce brilliant LED effect at night and reduce the risk of night safety accident.

The new EYE throttle is applied as standard

The EYE throttle which is applied as standard from 3rd generation Dual Tron! Minimotors has designed its own new throttle EYE from the 3rd generation Dualtron.. Complementing the drawbacks of existing throttle, it has been improved to intuitive and beautiful design.

3rd generation new EYE throttle function guide

The 2ndgeneration throttle with innovative features designed directly from Minimotors has evolved into a smarter 3rdgeneration new EYE throttle. It is changed from existing 2 button to 3 button, intuitive and quick operation is possible.

Minimotors Smart Fingerprint Identification Security System(MS-FISS)Designed by Minimotors&CrucialTec submitted to MW2018

Developed jointly by Minimotors&CrucialTec, it is equipped with an optional smart fingerprint security system officially presented at the world's largest MWC2018 exhibition. (Smart fingerprint reader is compatible only with new throttle EYE)

New Foldable Handlebar Design

The new handlebars design that can fold the left and right handles easily using the QR lever is applied.

Handle Post Fixture Device as Standard

The folding lock device which can fix the handle by folding is applied. (Not applicable when mounting saddle bracket)

Outstanding Frame Design with Completion and Durability

All frames including swing arm, suspension arm, folding part and handle bar have been redesigned to enhance the durability and completeness of the product.

Main power switch

One of the important elements of the electric scooter, managing the battery well is that it can run long distance and the life of the product is long. Minimotors has its own built-in robust main power switch, which can significantly reduce standby power consumption

Rear motor cable & brake cable Dust sealing cover

.We have minimized the inconvenience when using the product by sealing the cable to prevent damage to the product due to foreign matter or dust that can penetrate from the outside to the inside.


Name DUALTRON3 Remark
Battery type Li-Ion battery pack  
Battery capacity 59.2V 28Ah 1658Wh
Charging time (1.7A) 16hr+ When using standard charger(1.7A)
Charging time (3.4A) 8hr+ When using 2EA of standard charger(1.7A)
Charging time (6.5A) 4.3hr+ When using quick charger(6.5A, Optional)
Charging time (8.4A) 3.4hr+ When using quick charger(6.5A)+Standard charger(1.7A)
Max mileage 120km 75±5kg load, 25km/h flat road continuous riding
Max Speed 60~65km/h Speed adjustment function on the throttle display. Single, Dual mode seletion on the handlebar.(Single, Dual motor selection function)
Folding Handle post two touch double folding Patent pending
Gradability Around 47% (25°) Weight, road condition, battery status, temperature can affect to the gradeability
Max load 120kg
Product weight Around 36kg  
Unfolded size 1137 x 609 x 1200mm Length x Width x Height
Folded size 1137 x 279 x 526mm Length x Width x Height
Dashboard EYE throttle
(Bettery level, TRIP, ODO, Time, Speed display and mode change.)
Cruise / Electric brake / Auto save function(3minutes)
Light Dual LED headlight&taillight, brake light is built in DC to DC converter is built in(12V 3A output
Brake Zoom mechanical hydraulic caliper+140pi disk Common use for front and rear wheel
Suspension 15-step adjustable new rubber suspension
3 step variable suspension system
+ 5 kinds of rubber cartridge replaceable design
Rubber cartridge normal is applied basically(Soft, Medium soft, Hard, Medium hard cartridge is optional/Patent pending)
Tire 10inch wide(70mm) tubeless tire(Proper air pressure 45~50psi)  
Product material Frame and handle: Aviavion aluminum forging alloy, 6082-T6, Shaft: SCM440, Covers: Polypropylene

*The specification can be changed by manufacturer without notice to improve the quality and safety for users.
*The distance can be affected by loaded weight, wind direct (wind speed), road condition, slope and tire condition.